Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Knitting Blog? Yes, Once Again!

Lately my life has been filled with many good, exciting, fun, fulfilling things.  But none have been knitting-related.  A couple weeks ago I rearranged my schedule for the summer and knitting has once again made an appearance in my life.  I thought it might be nice to finish some stuff rather than cast on new things.  I finished the navy blue fireman hat which I last posted about.  Then I finished this shawl.

This is called Carson and it is a design by Romi.  I began this shawl last fall when the pattern first came out.  I worked away, excited to see two balls of yarn turn into something lovely.  I got to the 10-row edging.  I made a mistake in row 8.  So I set the project aside.  And then real life interfered.  My company was having difficulties.  I hurt my knee and had surgery.  Those two things gave me a huge amount of free time but I got nothing done.  (The more I have to do, the more I get done.  The less I have to do, the less I get done.)  

January came.  I started a fabulous new job at a much more stable company.  My knee was back to normal and my mileage increased.  My life was going great!  Everything else fell by the wayside.  I am not a person who defines herself as a knitter.  So while I missed it, it wasn't that big of a deal.  Still...I own so much yarn!  I really needed to knit and reduce that stash.  But first, I should finish some of this stuff that is oh-so-close to being done.

So I picked this up.  How long could it take to finish three rows?  Um, longer than I realized.  But now it's done!

I think it looks like a sunset.

I love knitting with wool, especially fingering weight wool.  I remembered that as I finished this.

While I was out photographing the shawl, I saw my sago palms doing whatever it is they do at this time of the year.

I think the above photo is of the male.

So this must be the female.

I'm not really sure, but they are very interesting plants.  Please excuse the appearance of plants on a supposedly knitting blog.


Nichole said...

Life is always getting in the way, huh? :)

That shawl is beautiful!

SissySees said...

Beautiful shawl and palm. I'm glad your life is in a good place!

Ariel said...

Love the shawl!!

The palms made me laugh.